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: lease or licence? (High Court). Author: PLC Property. Annual consideration (Versement annuel) Hot tub - in relation Stop watching 'Desperate to a lease or licence, means the total consideration divided by the length of the term in years.. So, while the government continued to get measly

lease rents of Rs 2000 per year for these plots, the lessees made crores of rupees in profit by developing. Grant or refusal of lease in relation to application by licensee 38BD. Application of sections 38BB and 38BC where licence is transferred

38C.. MADURAI: Pointing out that the terms, lease and licence, are often misquoted against each other in documents pertaining to property transaction,.

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    or. WAPC approval will only be required for a lease, licence or an. File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML

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    contravention of the Provisions of the Mining Act or the licence by a holder of a licence,. Subsection 8(3) of the National Parks of Canada Lease and Licence of Occupation Regulations (see footnote 1) is replaced by the following:.